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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about Our VIP Chauffeur Services in London
The answers to the Frequently Asked Questions
about our VIP Chauffeur Services in London & the UK

FAQs about Our VIP Chauffeurs

The flaws of the best VIP chauffeurs in London & the UK
Will my personal VIP chauffeur in London respect my confidentiality and privacy?

Definitely! What is said in the car, stays in the car! Each of our chauffeurs have signed confidentiality contracts (non disclosure agreements).

Will my chauffeur drive carefully and safe?

Yes, your chauffeur will drive carefully and safe in accordance with road conditions, traffic and the legal speed limits.

Will the chauffeur talk with me or the other passengers?

The chauffeur will be polite and courteous from start to finish. If the passengers wish to chat or seek advice then the chauffeur will gladly answer.

Will the chauffeur use a phone while driving?

Using a phone while driving is illegal and our chauffeurs will never do it.

Will the chauffeur open the door of the car for me?

Yes, our chauffeurs are always polite, courteous and helpful.

Will the chauffeur help me carry my suitcases?

Yes, the chauffeur will help you carry your luggage and suitcases.

Will my chauffeur be smartly dressed and well groomed?

Yes, our chauffeurs are always well groomed and keep their luxury vehicles in pristine condition.

FAQs about our Executive Airport Transfers

Meet and Greet Service for all London Airports
What happens if my flight arrives early or is delayed?

We monitor all flights and we are going to do our best to arrive for your pick up on time.

How will I meet my VIP chauffeur at the airport?

Your executive airport transfer chauffeur will be waiting for you in the arrivals hall with your name board. You should receive an SMS from your chauffeur before your flight lands. Please, do not go outside of the airport terminal before you find your chauffeur. Please call +447411843654 if for some reason you cannot find or make contact with your chauffeur.

My flight is severely delayed, what should I do?

Please, contact and keep us informed so we can update your booking.

How long does it take to get from Heathrow Airport to Central London with VIP chauffeur driven luxury car?

Depending on the traffic conditions and the time of day it takes about 65 minutes to get from Heathrow Airport to Central London.

How long does it take to get from Gatwick Airport to Central London with VIP chauffeur driven luxury car?

Depending on the traffic conditions and the time of day it takes about 85 minutes to get from Gatwick Airport to Central London.

What to do in case my flight details change?

Please contact us so that we can update your booking with the new details.

FAQs about our VIP Chauffeur Driven Luxury Cars

Executive Vehicles for Business or Pleasure
How to book one of your luxury VIP chauffeur driven cars?

Please, call +447411843654 or Book Online Now.

Is my car going to be clean?

Yes, for sure. All cars are regularly valeted and washed.

Will my car be safe?

Yes, absolutely. Safety is our main priority. All of our VIP chauffeur driven cars are regularly serviced and have to past an MOT on a 6 months period. Every day, the chauffeurs are obliged to examine the tyre pressures, the coolants and the oil.

If it rains will I be offered an umbrella?

Yes, without a doubt.

Do I have to pay the London congestion charge?

No, our prices include congestion charges for Central London trips and you do not pay extra for them.

How I will understand that my vehicle has arrived?

When your chauffeur driven vehicle arrives at the agreed pickup address you will be notified either by a call or SMS. If you prefer the chauffeur will wait for you with a name-board in the vehicle outside or ring the bell of your address. Please, tell us your instructions while making your booking.

How long time in advance do I need to book a car?

The sooner the better. We don't recommend you to look for a VIP travel in the last moment. If your booking is within 24 hours please call the office on +447411843654 to confirm that we have a car available to complete your journey. 

Are children considered as passengers?


Do you offer child seats?

Yes, baby and child seats are available on request at no extra cost, but according to the law you must fit them yourselves.

Travel Safety FAQ

Can we drive passengers of ill health in and out of hospital?

Yes, but you should not use our chauffeur service if:

1. You have symptoms of COVID-19, such as a frequent cough or a high temperature.

2. If any one in your household are self-isolating due to having symptoms of COVID-19.

Can we transport people with accessibility problems whilst keeping social distancing?

We're going to do all we can to help disabled passengers. We will adhere the advice and guidance on procedures that chauffeurs and passengers could take when it is not possible to maintain appropriate social distancing. Please talk about your passenger requirements with us.

Can you provide and drive funeral vehicles for individuals?

Yes. Please accept our sincere condolences. We do not offer any funeral services, apart from providing chauffeur driven funeral vehicles for passengers.

Which of your chauffeur driven vehicles is the most appropriate during the Coronavirus?

Every one of them. The Mercedes S-Class has developed safety innovations during its long-line as the icon of the Mercedes exec deluxe chauffeur driven car model line. However, the Mercedes V-Class comes with more social distance friendly area and with really substantial legroom. We think that this distancing could help minimize infection. Each of our vehicles, have advanced vehicular air-conditioning systems and superior air-filtration to take out air from the vehicle, and substitute with filtered and conditioned air. Learn more about our safe and secure exclusive vehicles.

Where is the best place to stay in an executive vehicle?

Any one of the back seats are good.

Do your cars have protective shields between the chauffeur and the travelers?

No, but our executive chauffeur driven vehicles provide excellent legroom.. Presently, we're not allowed to set up any kind of shield between the chauffeur and the travelers.

Can you transfer people from and to flight terminals and airports?

Yes. We provide a VIP chauffeur airport transfer service.

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Our Luxury Chauffeur Driven Cars

Private Chauffeur Transport For Business Travel & Leisure

High class stylish & magnificent
Perfect for airport transfers
A luxury & executive vehicle
Elegant appeal & endless functionalities

Why Choose Us?

Here Is Why We Are The Perfect Chauffeurs For You

Your very own professional chauffeur is going to be always on time and appropriately well dressed.
PCO Licensed
We are a licensed PCO Private Hire operator. Each passenger & every journey matters!
Great Experience
Experienced & dedicated - we deliver a very personal & professional service.
Reliable & Trustworthy
Immaculate & certified chauffeurs delivering above client expectations.
Our chauffeurs have signed confidentiality agreements. What is said in the car stays in the car.
Extreme Loyalty
We drive some of the most important and influential people on the globe. Why not You?
Luxurious Cars
Luxury chauffeur driven cars - for you, your company, and your loved ones.
Reasonable Prices
Unparalleled levels of chauffeur service for a surprisingly affordable price.
Exemplary Driving
All our close protection chauffeurs have the most advanced driver training.
Clean & Comfortable
Our cars are valeted regularly. We understand the importance of clean & comfortable journey.
You Control
It doesn't matter for how long or where you are going, you are in full control of the journey.
Personal VIP Service
You can expect a VIP service that will be completely personalized towards your specified needs.
No Congestion Charges
Our prices include congestion charges for Central London trips and you do not pay extra for them.
No Surge Costs
Regardless of the traffic situations and time period, 24/7 you only pay a set rate once or per hour.
Concierge Service
Private airports, top hotels & restaurants - our chauffeurs know them all, in and outside of London.
Flight Monitoring
If your flight is early or delayed, we will still meet you on time because we monitor your flight for any changes.
Waiting Time Included
All our airport pick ups include complimentary 45 mins waiting time after the flight has landed.
Meet and Greet Service
Your airport transfer chauffeur will be waiting in the arrivals hall with your name board if you need a meet and greet service.
Free Child Seats
On request, we can offer any type of child seats for free.
Luggage Assistance
Your chauffeur will help you carry your suitcases and bags. If needed he or she will also bring a trolley.


A Few Words From Our Satisfied Customers

Ian Taylor

We used the chauffeur service to take us to London Heathrow airport from Chigwell, both before and after our long vacation. The service was awesome, with texts and emails sent as status updates, to ensure we knew exactly who our chauffeur was and where we were on the trip. Our chauffeur Aldo, was professional, courteous and assistive and we had every confidence in the service. We will certainly use Kreator again.
George & Sarah

My wife and I have used your service a few times now, for all our journeys to and from different airports. We are now in a very lucky situation to adventure a lot. The kids have left the nest and we have retired. It is a real treat for us to have a pleasing, smart driver in a new, clean Mercedes who gets our trip off to a great beginning. Additionally, the confidence on the come back knowing there will be a helpful face to meet us whether we are on time or delayed is important. We highly recommend Kreator Ltd.
Imani Aziz

To begin with, I would ike to say that I always use your chauffeur services simply because you have a very good individual way of comforting your customers. You have the ability to make your clients feel like real people, not simply account numbers. Your chauffeurs are invariably friendly, courteous and helpful. You remember our names and treat us with a warm and polite familiarity. Last but not least, your services on a useful level are impressive.

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